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Madam Speaker Tour Guided tours

Madam Speaker Tour

This tour showcases the achievements of Joan Child, the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The People's House Event

The People's House

Test your knowledge, find clues and solve puzzles these school holidays at Old Parliament House. 

Chifley's Walk Guided tours

Chifley's Walk

Hear stories about Ben Chifley's time in office and visit the rooms he worked in.

Behind the Lines 2023 Exhibition

Behind the Lines 2023

Our annual exhibition of political cartooning.

Home Away From Home Guided tours

Home Away From Home

On this tour discover how Old Parliament House became a home away from home for its politicians.

Party Games Exhibition

Party Games

Can board games teach us about democracy and how it works?

Chamber audio guides Audio

Chamber audio guides

Listen to historic moments from the chambers.

First Women in Parliament Guided tours

First Women in Parliament

This tour introduces you to the first women in Australian politics and the challenges they faced.

Top Secret Tour with Tim the Yowie Man Guided tours

Top Secret Tour with Tim the Yowie Man

Join Tim on this after-dark tour, snooping around the secret spaces of Old Parliament House.

Behind the Lines – Audio Described Tour Guided tours

Behind the Lines – Audio Described Tour

Visitors who are blind or have low vision can hear audio descriptions of 2023's best political cartoons.

Senate Chamber This black and white photograph shows the Duke of York reading a message from his father the King in the Senate Chamber. The room is crowded with at least 200 people, mostly men with some women all wearing their best. Men are dressed in suits, military uniform or gowns and wigs while the women wear formal dresses with hats and gloves. The crowd is in a horseshoe shape around the central table while the Duke stands at the head of the table. Old Parliament House

Senate Chamber

Stand in the room where history-making moments happened.

Highlights of Old Parliament House Guided tours

Highlights of Old Parliament House

Hear stories of the people and events that shaped Australian democracy in the very place it happened.


Democracy DNA: the People, the Prime Ministers and the World

Follow the journey of Australia’s democracy through the debates that have shaped our nation.

First Nations Experiences of Democracy Guided tours

First Nations Experiences of Democracy

Learn how First Nations Australians have created change in their fight for equality.

Old Haunted House Experience Guided tours

Old Haunted House Experience

In this special after-hours tour, explore the spookier side of Old Parliament House.

Prime Minister's Suite This colour photograph captures a conversation between Prime Minister Bob Hawke seated on the left and Treasurer Paul Keating seated on the right. The photo shows the corner of the desk with Hawke sitting behind the desk while Keating sits to the side with both men facing each other. Both are dressed in black suits with white shirts and red ties contrasting the pale blue curtains in the background.  Old Parliament House

Prime Minister's Suite

Explore the surprisingly humble office where Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke once led the country.

History of Old Parliament House Guided tours

History of Old Parliament House

Discover the rich history of our national heritage–listed building.



A hands-on exhibition with craft, stories, role play and games to foster imagination, inclusion and community.

Changemakers A view of another wall in the exhibition Exhibition


Celebrate activists and their allies who have championed justice and equality.  

House of Representatives Chamber A colour photograph of the House of Representatives Chamber filled with seated politicians Old Parliament House

House of Representatives Chamber

Some of the most dramatic scenes in Australia’s political history took place in this chamber.

Statement: Jack Green's Paintings A woman looking at one of the features Exhibition

Statement: Jack Green's Paintings

Paintings showing the impact of mining on Country, culture and community.

Speaker’s Suite This professional colour photograph shows Principal Private Secretary John Porter and Speaker Joan Child sitting across from each other at the Speaker’s desk. John is wearing a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie and Joan is in a white blouse and vibrant blue jacket. They are discussing the daily program for the House of Representatives Chamber. There is a vase of roses, stationery and paperwork on the desk. In the background the curtains have been drawn to reveal a large east-facing window. Old Parliament House

Speaker’s Suite

Celebrates the life and work of Joan Child, the first woman to become Speaker of the House.

Democracy: Are You In? Visitors viewing a section of the exhibition Exhibition

Democracy: Are You In?

Learn more about your role in a healthy, balanced democracy.

Blueprint Visitors interacting with the exhibition Exhibition


Explore the steps we’ve taken to build a uniquely Australian democratic system.

Truth, Power and a Free Press A section of the exhibition Exhibition

Truth, Power and a Free Press

Understand how a free press is essential to a thriving democracy.

HiveMind: Honeybees, Democracy & Me Exhibition

HiveMind: Honeybees, Democracy & Me

Honeybees have more connections to democracy than you might think.

Government Party Room This black and white photograph shows two suited men standing side by side in the Government Party Room in 1962. On the left is Sydney businessman and philanthropist SH Ervin with a jaunty bow tie, on the right a more conservatively dressed Prime Minister Bob Menzies. They are surrounded by Australian paintings which are leaning against chairs, tables and walls. The two men are viewing the paintings that Ervin was donating to the National Collection. In the background are meeting tables and telephone booths Old Parliament House

Government Party Room

The room where party members worked quietly and debated loudly.

Yours Faithfully One visitor sat trying out a red typewriter while another watches Exhibition

Yours Faithfully

Use vintage typewriters to share your ideas.

Gardens Old Parliament House


Explore the gardens on either side of Old Parliament House.

DressUP: Change the World A young visitor trying on the exhibition outfits Exhibition

DressUP: Change the World

Try on costumes. Get inspired.

Family trails Self-guided tour

Family trails

Explore, discover and learn with these self-guided trails.

Country Party Room A large oval meeting table and chairs dominate the centre of the room. Easy chairs with side tables and lamps are arrayed along the sides and two sofas are arranged in a seating area towards the back of the room. A sideboard with books, a television and sound system stretches along the back wall. There is a framed map on one wall and a notice board on the opposite. Portraits of leaders and formal and informal photographs of the party crowd the walls Old Parliament House

Country Party Room

The party room was a place to celebrate achievements, build camaraderie and even take a nap.

Parliamentary Broadcasting and ABC Studio a photograph of the ABC studio Old Parliament House

Parliamentary Broadcasting and ABC Studio

Discover where the debates, drama and business of parliament was broadcast. 

King's Hall This black and white photograph of King’s Hall looks along the length of the room to the slightly larger than life bronze statue of King George the Fifth on a marble pedestal. King’s Hall is a large white room with a vaulted ceiling, celerestory windows, colonnades and a polished parquet floor.  The walls and columns feature artworks and portraits. You can see people wandering through the space including a family with young children and an older lady. In the foreground are two signs. Old Parliament House

King's Hall

A meeting place that's always been the centre of the action.

Clerk of the Senate's Office This black and white photograph shows the layout of the Clerk of the Senate’s office in 1985 when it was occupied by Alan Cumming Thom. The timber-panelled room contains a large desk (originally designed by the building’s architect, John Smith Murdoch), glass-fronted built-in bookshelves and a sideboard with an indoor plant. There are a range of visitor chairs and an easy chair in the foreground. Old Parliament House

Clerk of the Senate's Office

See the office where the Clerk of the Senate worked and later became a movie set.

Zine Lounge Two visitors having a go at creating their own zine Exhibition

Zine Lounge

Express your ideas and share your opinions by making a mini magazine in this hands-on exhibition.

Furnished Exhibition


The unique, original furnishings of Old Parliament House.

Australia’s Public Service: For the government of the day Exhibition

Australia’s Public Service: For the government of the day

Discover the inner workings of the public service.

Happy and Glorious Exhibition

Happy and Glorious

Souvenirs and stories from Queen Elizabeth’s 1954 visit to Old Parliament House.

Howard Library Visitors enjoying the exhibition Exhibition

Howard Library

Follow the 11-year long prime ministership of John Howard.

Changemakers – Hidden Stories Audio

Changemakers – Hidden Stories

Listen to this audio experience while you're in the Changemakers exhibition or at home.

Behind the Lines – Audio Description Online Audio

Behind the Lines – Audio Description Online

Listen to audio descriptions of political cartoons in the Behind the Lines exhibition or at home.

Spirit of Service Exhibition

Spirit of Service

Discover the people behind the scenes of the public service.

Custom group tour Guided tours

Custom group tour

Discover Old Parliament House’s architecture and history with your friends, colleagues or customers. 

PlayUP craft Event

PlayUP craft

PlayUP hosts craft activities from 10:30am to 12:30pm every day.