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Democracy DNA: the People, the Prime Ministers and the World

Follow the journey of Australia’s democracy through the debates that have shaped our nation.


Main Floor

Democracy DNA explores the events, debates and decisions that shaped our nation through the stories of the people who created our democracy.

Delve into the big decisions each Australian prime minister has faced. Experience our nation’s history through archival photographs, surprising objects and imaginative hands-on activities.

Consider your role in shaping Australia's future. 

A young girl kneels on the floor and touches a marble display.

Two girls look into a mirror that says 'Future Leader' in an alcove suurrounded by exhibition panels with titles such as Servant of the people and dates like 2025, 2027.

A wide shot of an exhibition with people walking around displays. Videos project on banners above and a sign that reads common good.

Plan your visit

There are small alcoves along the outer edge of the exhibition which only fit a few people at a time.

Screens playing film hang from the ceiling. There are touch screens throughout the exhibition.

There is seating in this exhibition.

There are hands-on interactives and touch-screens.