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Parliamentary Broadcasting and ABC Studio

Big stories were broadcast from this tiny space. 


Lower floor

These tiny rooms were home to the ABC’s parliamentary broadcast team from 1946 to 1988. They broadcast the debates, drama and day-to-day business of the parliament on the radio, giving Australians a chance to hear democracy in action.  

Brown old fashioned cupboard and desk with ABC stickers and the desktop covered in books, sticky tape and papers.

Piles of phone cables in loops hung on a wall with the words video leads and audio leads above them in texta.

 A studio and crew was added in the mid-70s – it was a tight fit. Journalists had to shuffle past the sound desk and dodge cables on their way to the studio, just big enough for 3 people. 

Cups and magazines on a table in the studio

A corner of one room of the studio showing some of the equipment needed

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